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  Oubao wood, with advanced processing equipment and research and development team, under which there are two factories to produce high-quality plywood international and domestic variety of common specifications, melamine faced plywood and fancy plywood, the production of sheet metal various technical indicators and environmental indicators detected by the professional bodies, have reached the level of international requirements, and in accordance with customer requirements and achieve production of custom-shaped feet, the full realization of the market to meet the diverse needs of flexible production capacity.
  We adhere to the "people-oriented, quality win, by virtue of legislation, to the letter as to" business philosophy to the green, environmental protection, health and build a beautiful home, sharing happy life, to first-class technology, excellent quality, efficient production, affordable prices, attentive service to meet customer demand at home and abroad for outstanding plate. Companies of all staff to the community, international friends to express my sincere greetings to friends and the community sincere cooperation and seek common development.

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