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What kinds of stresses should the shelf of the furniture board bear?

The main components that make up the panel furniture are side panels, shelves, door panels, top panels or panels, and back panels, etc.
08 2021/01

Selection method of multilayer board

As the most popular board at present, multi-layer boards are mainly used in decoration and furniture production industries.
08 2021/01

The difference between solid wood board and multilayer board

Both solid wood boards and multi-layer boards are more commonly used boards. They are very different. Next, the manufacturer will briefly introduce the difference between them.
08 2021/01

What is the role and performance of the multilayer board?

As an auxiliary service industry of the national economy, the multi-layer board industry has continued to grow in socialist construction in China.
08 2021/01

How to control the shrinkage and fracture of furniture panels?

At a certain temperature, the moisture in the elongated furniture board is released into the surrounding air through evaporation or boiling.
08 2021/01

Which place should be paid attention to when processing multi-layer boards?

The board produced by the multi-layer board manufacturer is one of the most widely used boards at present. The multi-layer board has stable performance and smooth appearance.
08 2021/01
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